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Title: No One Likes Being Alone Uh, Excuse me? I like being… - Badfic: The Daily Spork [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 25th, 2009|07:28 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork



Title: No One Likes Being Alone Uh, Excuse me? I like being alone plenty, thank you very much!
Criminal: I'm in Bishie Heaven Oh dear lord.
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Spelling and Grammar: rather good, so far.
Notes: the character is an angry!drone!sue, from what I can tell. Also, Kyouya is very OOC and that makes me sad.
Rating: I'd say a 3/5.


“Suzume, are you ready for your first day of school?”

“Yeah, mom.”

“I want you to walk with your sister.”



“No! I hate her.” Um.... What? What sister? Why the hatred? And what does the character look like, for Pete's sake?!

“Suzume, I don’t like what America did to you. You used to be a...Suzume? Suzume!” AMERICA? Oh fuck that shit. We aren't THAT bad.

But Suzume was already out the door and on her way to the Ouran Private Institute. She was in class 1-A. Her and her family had recently moved from Osaka, and before that, America. They were rich and happy, so what more could they want? And now for a random scene change with absolutely no warning! My Favorite!

“Class, please welcome our new transfer student, from Osaka. Her name is Suzume Haga.” The teacher introduced. Introduced who? Sheesh, you do not use introduced unless there's someone there!

Suzume walked into the classroom. She had shoulder-length red hair and sea-green eyes. She wore a mussed large bow on the back of her head. One problem, she wore the boys’ uniform. This would have been helpful in the beginning of the chapter. Also, whats wrong with saying green? Oh no, she must have sea-green eyes because she's so spechul!

“Umm...Miss Haga, all females are required to wear the females’ uniform.” The teacher informed her.

“They gave me the wrong uniform. Don’t get a new one ‘til next month.” She said as if she had said it thousands of times before.

“Uh, yes. I see, now. Where to place you...How about behind Fujioka? Fujioka, raise your hand so Miss Haga can see where to sit.” The teacher said. A kid raised their hand and Suzume went to sit behind them. Way to describe the surroundings. So far, Suzume sounds like a robot. And no conversation that usually happens with transfer students? I'm speaking from personal experience, not fic-experience.

After School

Suzume’s first day was...okay. She decided to go around and visit the clubs.

Music Room 3? Hmm...’ She thought. Suzume opened the doors.

“Welcome!” She was greeted by seven boys, all dressed like pirates. She immediately recognized three of them, from her class.

“Oh, isn’t that the new transfer student?” One of the twins said.

“I believe so.” The other said.

“Oh, what was her name?” The twins asked synchronized.

“Suzume Haga, age 16, originally from Akita, moved to San Francisco, then to Osaka, then here.” The boy with glasses said.

“Why do you know this?” Suzume asked hesitantly.


“Uh, yes.” Suzume was hugged from behind by, what seemed like, a child.

“Hiya! Do you want to be my friend? Do you like Usa-chan?” The boy said. The tallest of the boys came over and picked the child up. The blonde one in the center started to speak up. That is not how blond is spelled.

“Welcome, my princess. What is your type? The little devil type, the cool type, the Lolita type, the smart type, the natural type, or the prince type?” He said.

“Uh...little devil, I guess...” she said. The two twins came up behind her.

“So you prefer us over all others?” They asked synchronized.

“Sure, I guess. I never really liked twins, but I suppose you two are all right.” Suzume replied. And why are they alright? Why does she usually not like twins?

The Host Club is now open.

“All of the costumes you see are actually replicas of the outfits worn on Blackbeard’s crew!” One of the twins, Hikaru, informed the girls sitting around him and his brother, Kaoru.

“Mine seems a little loose, almost too big for me, though.” Kaoru said, looking at the clothe hanging off his arms. Hikaru pulled him closer.

“But, when they’re looser, they’re easier for me to take off, Kaoru.” He said, staring romantically into his brother’s eyes.

“Oh Hikaru, that’s embarrassing to say in front of these girls...”

All the girls around them squealed, except for Suzume. She would’ve squealed if they weren’t twins. She didn’t like twins at all, but since she thought they were hot, they were an exception. She stood up and started to walk off.

“I’m done for today...” she said, leaving. A few minutes after she left, another girl came into the room.


IiBH: Sure, this’ll be kind of a shounen-ai story, I guess. –yawn- I’m so tired right now...

Pains of Love and The New Student are still being updated, I just need to find the time and inspiration to write them. School has started and the homework is KEELING ME!

R.e.V.i.E.w, P.l.E.a.S.e! No I will not review, not with that stupid text here! God I hate when people type like that. Plus, you wouldn't want to hear what I have to say... not at all.


[User Picture]From: nakego
2013-01-07 05:25 am (UTC)
I don't think brunet is very common. But many people either use blond as a misspelling of blonde or they simply don't know of the gender differences. Naturally this comes from English's French roots when stemming from other languages that have masculine and feminine words. It confuses a lot of people because we normally don't have different gender spellings like other languages do. But it doesn't matter if it's American or British. Blond is still masculine and Blonde is feminine. Tamaki is a blond. Kirimi is a blonde. The same goes for brunet/brunette though. I suppose that people like spelling it brunette because it's prettier? Either way it's a common mistake.
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