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Badfic: The Daily Spork

"Losing faith in humanity, one fic at a time."

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Conquering Badfic One Day At a Time
Info by: diana_lucifera with appearances by the infamous tersichore. She is the thing that suethors fear...

Daily Badfic Mission Statement

We, the undersigned, do so declare that, for as long as The Pit of Voles continues to be haunted by untold horrors, for as long canon rape continues, for as long as the English language continues to cry out in pain, we will continue our daily badfic sporking. When a purple-haired Mongolian!Sue is putting the moves on Erik, we will be there. When Draco spontaneously sprouts a womb, we will be there. When Inuyasha and Kagome name their daughter Fantasmianna, we will be there. When Aang suddenly gets a twin sister with SUPRSPESHULPOWERZZ, we will be there. We will continue our quest for decent fanfiction! For truth, justice, and the American fanfiction way!

tersichore, diana_lucifera, mnwugn86

Rating System

1/4- Okay: Your fic is bad, just not so bad. Probably, it suffers from an improbable plot or bad grammar. This is the bottom end of the badfic market, however. Your fic could probably be saved, so get a beta and stick to canon.

2/4- Bad: Yuck! Sorry, but your fic is quite putrid. It probably has extremely bad grammar, bad characterization, and a plotline from hell. It could probably be saved with a beta, but it'd probably be easier just to rewrite the whole thing.

3/4- Awful: Wow, this is bad! It's probably got horrible characters, an improbable plotline, and dialogue in the paragraphs. We recommend you delete this and pick up a book. You may start rewriting it after you figure out the basics of the English language.

4/4- Abysmal: My eyes, they burn! Your fic is a badfic among badfics! I probably wanted to tear my eyes out after a few minutes of reading it. Everyone should be warned, this particular breed of badfic can leave permanent scars on the brain. Just, please, stop the madness. You're making the English language scream.

5/4- HiggyBad: There are no words for how truly frightening your fic is. NO. WORDS. Where is the plot? Where are the original characters, and why have you replaced them with pod people? Have you ever SEEN a book? This fic is the kind of things that keeps bleach on the market. Congratulations. We are in awe of your badness.

Badfic FAQ

Q: So, what exactly is this community for?
A: It's for "sporking" (that is, writing a daily profile on) really, really bad fanfiction. There's one post a day, from the three sporkees, alternatively.

Q: The "sporkees"? Who are they?
A: tersichore, mnwugn86 and myself, diana_lucifera. Tersichore goes by Thaelia, Mnwugn is A-san or Arthur, and I'm Nova.

Q: Sounds fun! Can I post?
A: Sorry, badfics is only posted in my three people (tersichore, mnwugn86 and myself). That way, we can keep it daily. Right now, we are accepting aplications for members who want to join the team. (More information can be found in this post .) If you don't want to be scheduled, you can go join badfic, where you can post freely.

Q: OMGWTF!1?!!!?!1 wHY IS MYFIC HEEEEEERE???!!!!?!!?
A: Because it's bad. Really bad.

Q: OMG!!!1!!IZ NOT!I'm GOING TOFLAME U!!!!!!!!!
A: Please, do. You will be mocked, held up as an example, and then banned. Hey, try hard enough and you might even become a running joke, like the HiggyBad.

Q: How do I know if I've been sporked?
A: Well, Thaelia likes to leave little notices in her reviews that tell the author what rating his/her badfic garnered when sporked. Nova, however, is content to just leave a scolding review and be done with it.

Q: Are you ever going to finish the FAQ?
A: That, my friend, is a question to which even I do not know the answer.

NOTICE: THIS COMMUNITY IS DEAD. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A SPORKING COMMUNITY OF YOUR VERY OWN, WE WOULD BE TOTALLY WILLING TO HAND IT OVER TO YOU. PLEASE COMMENT HERE jammers93 is working to revive Badfic: The Daily Spork. It might be rather shakey at first, but please bare with me.