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... [Feb. 6th, 2009|09:47 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

For the next three months or so, I'll have no internet. Sorry. We need to save some money and the net costs too much. I'll do my best to update when I can, but cannot make any promises. Please forgive me.
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Again, no sporks recently [Feb. 3rd, 2009|05:27 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

Terribly sorry. State tests came up, I've been studying. I'd greatly apreciate it if I wasnt the only one sporking.
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About the Lack of Updates for the past few days... [Jan. 28th, 2009|10:17 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

1. I've been grounded.
2. I'm a slightly forgetful 15 year old.
3. School. It is a pain.

....Feel free to come after me in an angry mob. I don't blame ya.
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2009|07:28 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork


Title: No One Likes Being Alone Uh, Excuse me? I like being alone plenty, thank you very much!
Criminal: I'm in Bishie Heaven Oh dear lord.
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Spelling and Grammar: rather good, so far.
Notes: the character is an angry!drone!sue, from what I can tell. Also, Kyouya is very OOC and that makes me sad.
Rating: I'd say a 3/5.


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Live, I Say! Live! [Jan. 24th, 2009|03:57 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

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Title: The Chair
Culprit Author: Mikeala-and-Whitney
Fandom: Shaman King
Summary: SongficOneshot RenXOc, Ren is Ooc. Ren flirts with a girl... Really good. R&R plz read! Better than it sounds. I suck at summeries.
Spelling and Grammar: Rather good, surprisingly.
Best Line: “Can I drink you a buy?” The boy stuttered not totally paying attention to what he had said.

“Excuse me?” She said with a small giggle.

“Oh, what I mean is can I buy you a drink.” He said realizing what he had said, a small blush creeping onto his face.
Notes: Who is this? And why does he claim to be Tao Ren?! Seriously, who is this?
Verdict: 2/4. Bad. Stay out of my fandom!

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In case you weren't sure. [Jun. 4th, 2008|05:42 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

Dead comm is dead. Please check the userinfo for more information.
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ANYONE THERE!!! [Oct. 14th, 2006|09:24 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

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Crimnal Author: PiariteGrrl
Title: Think agian Jack (notice the misspelled words of the suethor)
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Spelling and Grammar: As you can already tell, pretty sucky so far.
Notes: Typical teeny-bopper who dreams of being Jack Sparrow's whore.

don't forget your spork!Collapse )
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Sir, I will not hesitate to beat your ass with your own shoe. [Nov. 25th, 2005|10:10 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

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Here we go. It's bad. It a many membered sue.

Title: A Pirate's Life For Me Can we assume something of sue-ness from the title already?
Criminal: Phantomess08 Perhaps her name suggests she's part of another sue-ridden genre (but more on that later!)
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean (poor, poor johnny)
Spelling and Grammar: Suprisingly, not bad. It's the plot that's just *WRONG!!!*
Notes: Other characters galore! Thing is, they actually refer to Will Turner as being Orlando Bloom and Cap'n Jack as Johnny. These are 14 year old fan girls. They should be BURNED!!! Plus, I think poor Jack would have to drink himself to death before he laid a finger on these teen horrors.
Rating: 4/4-Abysmal
Read more...Collapse )
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Alas! A cornucopia of preschool romance! [Nov. 25th, 2005|05:44 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

Title: The Patron of the Opera
CulpritAuthor: mrsgerrybutler13 This tells us something...
Fandom: The Phantom of the Opera
Spelling and Grammar: Decent. It’s the plot that gets me.
Notes: What I don’t understand is how a seven year old would be madly stricken with love? Sure, “Be my girlfriend, Mary Sue!”, but not, ‘I have wanted to marry you since I was five.”
Verdict: 3/4 - Awful

My eyes burn. With PAIN!Collapse )
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Fear the Gatsby Sue! [Nov. 10th, 2005|06:21 pm]
Badfic: The Daily Spork

Title: Arabella’s diary
CulpritAuthor: Case Number 241
Fandom: The Great Gatsby. That’s right.
Summary: This is a dairy from the POV of an 18 year old girl working in the Buchanan's house as Daisy's personal servant. Flames are Welcome! Rated PG-13 for some molestation of Arabella. Oh, teh angst! Our Sue is raped!
Spelling and Grammar: Well, she spelled “diary” wrong. How do you miss that?
Rating: 2/4 – Bad.

And you thought you would never see a Gatsby Sue.Collapse )
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